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We couldn't do what we do without your support! All expenses for camps including travel, food, activities and lodging for children of the fallen and their mothers are covered by Operation 300. We will host at least 7 camps this year alone which will benefit almost 300 children. Your donations make this possible. 

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Do you realize the magnitude of the gift you gave? You gave my boys and I memories and healing. My kids have talked incessantly about their mentors; two extraordinary men. My sons are very fortunate to have met them both and to have them to look up to. I met moms who for the first time were able to meet other widows and discuss issues and challenges some of us all face living without our spouses
— Carol Crowell, Widow of AirForce Msgt. Thomas Crowell
This camp? If I rated it from a 1 to 10 it would probably be 100 because it’s just so much fun. I think when I grow up I will remember this camp but I hope that I can volunteer here when I get older cuz’ I want to see other kids (like me) having fun.
— Carmen, Age 11
I can’t begin to tell you how meaningful this weekend has been for my kids and myself. It has been close to 5 years since Jon died, and this weekend was the first weekend Hayden has really smiled and enjoyed life again. The huge smiles across his face were the best gift anyone could have given me.
— Meghan Walls, Widow of Army Sgt. Jonathan M. Walls
I don’t have a dad to like take me outside and run around with me in the woods and stuff. So without this I wouldn’t get to go running around in the woods and fishing and stuff.
— Max, Age 10
[This camp] has pretty much changed me on all levels. Spending time with these kids, establishing relationships with them...I’ve built relationships with these kids and I keep in contact with them all year long. We text and we email. We send presents. It’s pretty much changed everything. It’s pretty much changed my entire family.
— Jamie Nail, Mentor
You are an answer to our prayers!! Yesterday my son came home from school crying because he wants his dad to come home and wishing to be able to just talk to him. He’s 9 years old and is just starting to open up about his feelings about his dad being killed. This weekend will be so nice for Max to be able to bond with a man and do big boy activities and realize he’s not alone.
— Amanda McClimans, Widow of Army Captain Josh McClimmans
My favorite part [of camp]’s a big debate between shooting guns or chopping wood. ... I feel really sad leaving this camp. ... It’s one of the best experiences I’ve ever had.
— Austyn, Age 11
While the boys are still talking about all the fun they had at camp, their lasting impressions are the ones that I believe will carry them for years to come. For them, this camp was the first time they had actually met other children of the fallen...
— Teresa Taylor, Widow of Lt.Cdr. Dale Taylor